Our Vision

The internet is a digital ecosystem. Organizations and fans are all digitally connected and influence each other continuously. All stakeholders are interconnected via internal
and external networks and systems.

By creating awareness within the organization and understanding of context of information in networks and systems an optimum relationship with fans can be realized.

Our Mission

Organize all fan information of an organization, make it accessible and useful to learn the organization how to achieve their business goals and accelerate their objectives.

Our Believe

Fanalists believes sport, entertainment and media organizations build a better and  stronger fan relation and offer real value to fans by creating awareness and making better use of the context of data.

Our Process

Fanalists integrates all internal data sources and enriches it with external data sources. The data is centralized within a virtual warehouse. Furthermore the data will be validated against the most extensive Dutch consumer database .

The data mining process will be completed. An interactive and easy to use business intelligence environment provides the organization useful insights they need to take concrete action in relation to their goals and objectives.

Our Services

Providing sports, media and entertainment organizations the framework
to achieve their goals and objectives.

Generating meaningful contextual insights for the organization so it can be more successful in it’s communication, marketing and sales process.

Teaching the organization how they can validate, enrich and use the right contextual information to put into successful action for communication, marketing and sales to accelerate objectives and revenue streams.

Our Approach
  1. Assessment current situation
    » First dashboards with data
    » Plan of approach (vision and strategy)
    » Business acceleration strategy
  2. Pilot leading to the ideal situation
    » Proof of concept of selected business acceleration areas
    » Low hanging fruit based on acquisition, (re)activation, retention, referral and revenue
  3. Roll out
    » Broad implementation towards other business processes (total data driven strategy)
    » Ongoing refinement of business acceleration on the above mentioned 


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Our Clients

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